My writings delve into the spiritual dimensions of the psychedelic experience and explore the physiological basis for spirit's interaction with our material bodies. I try to keep things firmly established in science and do not propagate wild fantasy and new age fluff. Ideas I present must have some supporting research or evidence backing them up.

In my books, I explore and analyze the hallucinogenic states of consciousness and how they may pertain to the evolution of the human species. I base my writing on the personal experiences I have had with entheogens and on the research of others.

Within my works, I also probe into current problems confronting humanity (such as our not being able to get along with each other) and how entheogenic plants may help us find solutions to these conflicts.

Let's make spirituality legal for everybody!

In a large part of the world today, psychedelic substances are both illegal and looked down upon. In some cultures, however, they are viewed as consciousness-expanding tools that do such things as help awaken the mind to other levels of awareness, break down the communication barrier between humans and other species, heal mind and body, and open a doorway to a knowledge that permits us a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the world around us. In theses cultures, they are viewed as sacred, spiritual medicines that reveal the connection between human beings, consciousness, and the universal mind. These visionary plants and their compounds have been used for such purposes since ancient times.

Plants such as salvia, peyote, cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, etc. contain compounds which can bring us into direct contact with a higher knowledge that can transform our understanding of ourselves and of the nature of reality. They can assist us in awakening the vast potential of our soul and in discovering solutions for many of the problems currently confronting humanity.

We all have the right to hold whatever spiritual beliefs we desire and to be able to practice our chosen methods of attuning with the divine (as long as it does not harm others). Yet, for many, to commune with the higher cosmic intelligence in accordance with their spiritual convictions, they have to become criminals within their society. It is extremely important that these plants (and the visionary substances they contain) stop being demonized. It is imperative that their possession and use be made wholly legal again and that individuals who wish to use them in their pursuit of consciousness exploration and personal evolution be permitted to do so.

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms (Panaeolus sp.)

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