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My Purpose And My Approach

I am a writer dedicated to the advancement of the human family by helping to evolve one mind at a time by means of one book at a time. You can find out about the books I have written by clicking here or on the Books link at the top of the page. Digital copies of my books can be purchased by clicking here or on the Buy link also found at the top of the page.

My Life's Work

I stress the importance of developing a new experiential mysticism that uses entheogenic plants as tools or aids to experience and to know the underlying reality, while basing this mysticism solidly on science and then using this mysticism to actualize human potential.

I am also an activist working at getting entheogenic plants made completely legal world wide. I want to see these sacraments made entirely acceptable within society everywhere on the globe and have them take their rightful place as the teachers of humanity they truly are.

Allow Me To Take A Bit Of Time To Introduce Myself And To Describe What Motivates Me


Eugene Frison


I am an author and I have been exploring my psyche and its connection to reality for many years with the help of entheogenic plants.

I believe strongly in the sacredness of the visionary plants, advocating their use for spiritual, therapeutic, and medical purposes only. When it comes to recreational use of these substances, I support the concept only to the point of the compounds in the plants enhancing a person's "feeling good." I do not feel the sacred medicines should be used to "get stoned" or for "partying."


" Legalize Spirituality "


My background is in the Human Services field where I concentrated in Disability Supports and Services. I studied at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Marconi Campus, graduating in June of 2016. My studies there focused mainly on psychology (particularly developmental psychology and abnormal psychology) and counselling.

My main goals while studying at that facility were to learn how to assist persons with intellectual disabilities, behavioral issues, and mental illnesses. I wanted to promote the full inclusion of persons with these disabilities within their communities.

I believe firmly in community and long to see all humanity united into one global community living in complete harmony with each other and with the entire planet.

I have always had an extremely deep interest in the subjects of parapsychology and mysticism. These eventually led me to the practice of shamanism - entheogenic shamanism to be precise.

Over the course of almost two decades now, I have extensively experimented with heroic doses of substances such as psilocybin, mescaline, muscimol, lysergic acid (LSD and LSA), salvinorin (SVA), and tetrahydocannabinal (THC) - to name but a few - in the exploration of consciousness and reality.

The experiences I obtained with these compounds have convinced me that the plants contain chemical keys able to unlock the secrets of our true nature and potential. I believe they are even crucial to our survival and growth as a species. They are allies essential to our continuing evolution and we are all born with the right to utilize them.

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